Om oss

Teater Ja:La:Da seeks to achieve an inspiring, aesthetically stimulating and original artistic style by creating a fusion of elements from different cultures in their work. At JaLaDa we believe all cultures have unique characteristics that can complement each other and re-emerge as an eclectic composition on stage.

Our philosophy is also to have a positive impact on the world, and we do so by approaching important issues of today, such as gender, race and class equality, human rights and cultural conflicts. We address these topics through drama as well as comedy.

We see multilingualism as an advantage in today’s world. This is reflected by the variety of languages utilized in our work.

With the main focus on children’s theatre, Teater Ja:La:Da produces performances for youths and adults as well, and has been involved in several co-productions and social projects.

Teater JaLaDa was established 2013 in Malmö by Director Rayam Al Jazairi and Dramaturg Vanja Hamidi Isacson.


Ja: svenska


Nej: arabiska


Ja: slaviska
Producent 2021-2023
Director and scriptwriter
Utomhus scenografi rådgivning & affisch
Kompositör, musiker, skådespelare
Konstnär, kostymör & scenograf