Shahid Nadeem



Om Shahid

 I.               As a Playwright

  • Written over 30 original plays and several adaptations for Pakistani non-commercial theatre and 10 TV serials and several


  • Eight collections of plays published in Punjabi and Urdu. Five volumes of plays published in India. Collection of plays in English translations published by Oxford University 2008.

  • Plays included in MA syllabus at various universities in Pakistan, India,USA and UK.

  • Was awarded a President of Pakistan’s Pride of Performance Award in2009.

  • Won MasoodKhaddarposh Award for Punjabi literature for 2005. Also won Graduate,Mussawar and Bolan awards. Also best play prize by LokVirsa Folk Heritage Institute Pakistan.

  •  All plays performed, mostly by Ajoka Theatre, all over Pakistan. Also in US, UK, Norway, Hong Kong, Thailand,India,Bangladesh, Nepal and Iran.

  • Plays performed in India including at NSD International Drama Festival (India), Humsaya Festival in Delhi, Amritsar and Chandigarh (India), Nanadikar Festival, (India) Rafi Peer festival (Pakistan) Panjpaani Festival (Pakistan), PNCA Theatre Festivals (Pakistan), Prithavi Festival, (India), ECO festival (Iran) and Chorbizarre Festival (UK), Ibsen Theatre Festival (Pakistan/Bangladesh).

  • Several plays performed/given dramatic readings in US in 2001- 2003, including Acquittal, Black are My Robes, Third Knock, Granny for All Seasons and Bulha.

  • Lectured at various US universities including Berkley, Stanford, UCLA, UCSanta Barbara, UC San Diego, UCSC, UCIrvine, Calarts, Columbia and PenStateUniversity.

  • Was awarded Getty/International PenFellowship in 2001.Was also Artist in Residence at 18thStreet Arts Complex, Santa Monica.

  • Was a fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy, Washington DC in 2014-15.

  • Several plays performed by Indian theatre groups, USA. UK and Japan.

  • Plays telecast and others adapted for TV plays.

II.             As a director

·      Worked as TV producer for Pakistan Television, Pakistan’s oldest and largest TVchannel.

·      Also worked as General Manager, Lahore TV Centre, Controller Programmes, DirectorProgrammes.Director PTV Academy and

Deputy Managing Director PTV.

·      Wrote and directed a large number of TV plays, telefilms and documentaries for PTV and other TV channels.

·      Produced documentaries on human rights for Amnesty International and organized Asian human rights film festivals.

III.            As Teacher

·       Held theatre for social change training workshop s in Pakistan and abroad.

·       Given talks on theatre in Pakistani institutions and also other countries including USA, UK and India.

·       Presently serving as Professor of Film and Television and head of the Film and TV degree programme at the Institute for Art and

Culture, Lahore.

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